Ninja Warrior/Parkour Camp

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Flipside Academy is the only indoor year-round Parkour Training facility in the Chicagoland area. Kids will train Ninja Warrior and Parkour Skills in a safe and fun environment!  For 3 hours, participants will move through a warm-up, basic skill progressions, free run through challenging obstacle courses, and  finish with conditioning.  “Parkour is the sport of moving along a route, typically in a city, trying to get around or through various obstacles in the quickest and most efficient manner possible, as by jumping, climbing, or running.” Unabridged – Based on the Random House Dictionary

                                                                              Camp Schedule


June 16th-20th (Boys & Girls  ages 8-12 & 13up)
June 23rd-27th  (Boys & Girls ages 5-7 &  8-12)
June 30th – July 3 (Boys and Girls ages 5-7 &  8-12) No Camp July 4
July 7th-11th (Boys and Girls 8-12 & 13up )
July 14th-18th (Boy and Girls ages 5-7 &  8-12)
July 21st-25th (Boys and Girls ages 5-7 &  8-12)

         Camp Day is from 9am-12noon

         Cost:  $160

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       Sample  Daily Program

9 am—Warm up
9:30—Skill Development (vault & rolls)
10:15 –  Free Play  & Practice
10:45—Skill Development (climbing and jumps)
11:30– Snack
11:45  – Free Play  & Practice

Program Benefits:

The most obvious benefit of Parkour is the physical development that takes place when a person moves and exercises the body. Many studies have shown that  running, jumping, and climbing are great activities that help build strong bones, muscles, and improve overall physical health. However, the benefits of Parkour extend into every area of life. Parkour participants learn how to deal with challenges, overcome fear,  and set  goals. They develop confidence, perseverance, determination, and learn how to problem solve; these are qualities that extend far beyond parkour and can help a child succeed in every area of  life. Our goal is to reinforce these values for every participant, and have a safe and fun time while doing it!

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 Flipside Academy of Movement, 1525 Circle Ave., Forest Park, IL 60130

Paul Canada, 708-724-4674,